Nineteenth-Century Apocalyptic Work

Bartolomeo Cambi de Saluzzo (1558–1617).
Les sept trompettes pour réveiller les pécheurs et les porter a faire pénitence . . . avec une instruction pour méditer sur les effusions du sang de Notre-Seigneur.
Lyon: Fr. Mistral, 1815.

Apocalyptic images were often intended to instill the fear of punishment for sin. Continuing interest in such vivid works is suggested by the endurance of this title, first published in 1612 in Italy. Translated into French shortly after its first appearance, it remained popular in France and Holland throughout the seventeenth-century. The book displayed here, published early in the nineteenth century, includes a history recounting multiple printings of the title throughout the seventeenth century.

Sin and Penitence
Nineteenth-Century Apocalyptic Work