First Greek New Testament Printed in America

Greek New Testament. Η Καινη Διaθήκη. Novum Testamentum. Juxta exemplar Joannis Millii accuratissime impressum. Editio prima Americana.
Worcester, Massachusetts: Isaiah Thomas, Jr., 1800. Two volumes. (00120-00121)

Isaiah Thomas, Jr. (1773–1819), son of the renowned colonial and early federalist American printer, published the first Greek New Testament printed in America in 1800. Based on the 1707 Oxford edition by the English scholar John Mill (1645–1707), this text reprinted the London edition of 1794. The editor was Caleb Alexander (1755–1828), whose name appears beneath the table of contents.

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Volume One

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Volume Two

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First Greek New Testament Printed in America