Hindi Gospels and Acts

Hindi Gospels and Acts. The Four Gospels and the Acts in Hindustani. Translated from the Greek. By the Calcutta Baptist Missionaries.
Calcutta: Printed for the Bible Translation Society, at the Baptist Mission Press, 1850. (BRB0784)

Portions of the Bible in Hindi were first printed in India at Calcutta beginning in 1806. This 1850 translation of the Gospels and Acts appeared in the same year as a complete translation of the New Testament, prepared by Baptist missionary William Yates (1792–1845) and completed after his death by fellow missionary Andrew Leslie (1798–1870). Yates had previously worked in Serampore with the British and Foreign Bible Society until differences regarding both translation issues and theology led to a schism and the creation of the separate Bible Translation Society organized by Baptist missionaries.

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Hindi Gospels and Acts