Expurgated Ceremonies

Antonio Lobera y Abio (d. 1760).
El porque de todas las ceremonias de la iglesia, y su mysterios.
Girona: Ignacio Portèr, [1769].(AFH8981) 

In this book explaining the mysteries of Catholic liturgical ceremonies, passages of text on pages 650 and 653 were deleted with ink, while the entire pages 651–652 and most of 653–654 were removed by cutting. Although the Spanish Inquisition called for strict censorship of texts containing “new ideas” about the traditional Christian sacraments, none of the Spanish indexes prohibited the specific passages that were deleted from Bridwell Library’s copy of this book. Instead, this censorship may have been carried out in Mexico. The censored texts concern several auxiliary Masses, including those celebrating the wounds of Christ, the exile of the Holy Family, and the Rosary, which were condemned in 1772 by the Fourth Mexican Provincial Council. Seeking to emphasize the central miracle of Communion, this Council forbade the celebration of these alternative Masses. The verso of the title page of this copy was inscribed “Corregido secun santo oficio” (“Corrected according to the Holy Office”).

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Expurgated Ceremonies