Mexia, Historia imperial

Pedro Mexía (1496–1552).
Historia imperial y cesarea, en que sumariamente se contienen las vidas, y hechos de todos los emperadores.
Expanded by Basilio Varen de Soto (d. 1673).
Madrid: Melchor Sanchez, for Gabriel de Leon, 1655. (31600)

The title page of this expanded edition of Pedro Mexía’s history of the Roman and Christian emperors bears an ink inscription in Spanish stating that the book has been “corregido segun el expurgatorio de 1747” (“corrected according to the 1747 expurgations”). Only a single passage of text was deleted, one that repeated the ancient legend that Constantine I (c. 272–337 CE), the first emperor to adopt the Christian religion, was cured of leprosy by washing his sores with the blood of infants executed for that purpose.

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Mexia, Historia imperial