Spanish Expurgations

Gaspar de Quiroga, General Inquisitor of Spain (1512–1594).
Index librorum expurgatorum.
Saumur: Thomas Portau, 1601. (AFW8268)

This Index librorum expurgatorum, a reprint of the first Spanish edition of 1584, was published by Protestants at the French university town of Saumur in an effort to expose the methods of the Catholic censors. It includes a preface by the Protestant scholar Philippe de Mornay Du Plessis (1549–1623), who had intercepted a copy of the Spanish Index intended for a Catholic censor. One of its longest entries lists numerous expurgations to be made in the glosses that accompany the Decretales of Gregory IX, a collection of papal decrees printed at Lyon in 1553.

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The Index of Expurgations
Spanish Expurgations