Under penalty of excommunication

[Tribunal of the Inquisition in Mexico].
Nos los inquisidores apostolicos, contra la heretica pravedad, y apostasìa, &c. . . . Sabed, que â nuestra noticia ha llegado haverse escrito, impresso, y divulgado varios libros, tratados, papeles, y manuscritos, que pueden ocasionar la ruina espiritual de vuestras almas, los quales mandamos prohibir, o expurgar respectivamente . . . y son los siguientes.
[Mexico: s.n., 1761]. (BRB0420)

This notice prohibits sixteen works and orders the expurgation of seven others. The prohibited works include several small-format or single-sheet prayers that offered apocryphal indulgences and other benefits. Bearing the paper and wax seal of the Inquisition, the order was endorsed with the signatures of three inquisitors. The order printed at the bottom of the sheet, “Nadie le quite, pena de Excomunion mayor,” warns that the broadside “should not be removed, under penalty of excommunication.”

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Censorship in Mexico
Under penalty of excommunication