Parisian roll-tooled

[BOOK OF HOURS. Latin, for Roman Use]. Printed on vellum.
Paris: Philippe Pigouchet for Simon Vostre, 22 August 1498. (Prothro B-108)

Although it is rare to find fifteenth-century Books of Hours that have not been rebound in modern covers, this Parisian calfskin binding is completely original save for small areas of restoration where two fore-edge clasps were attached. The roll-tooled covers display a typical Parisian design with five vertical floral rolls and parallel fillets set within two outer borders consisting of fleurs-de-lis and flowers within lozenges. Earlier in the fifteenth century, such decoration would have been achieved with rows of repeated individual stamps; toward the end of the century, however, rolls like the ones used here began to simplify the work.

The Elizabeth Perkins Prothro Bible Collection

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Fifteenth-Century Bookbinding
Parisian roll-tooled