Quranic excerpts, 1792 CE

[Quranic excerpts and commentaries].
Illuminated manuscript in Arabic and Turkish on paper.
[Ottoman Empire], dated 1206 AH (1792 CE). (BRMS 28)

Containing selected surahs of the Quran in Arabic along with commentaries written in Turkish, this manuscript features two highly abstract illustrations depicting the minbar (pulpit) in the mosque at Medina and the Kaba at Mecca. The book’s eighteenth-century envelope-flap binding consists of black-dyed goatskin with a central ornament of gilt vellum. The manuscript was signed at the end of the text by Hussein ibn Muhammad in 1206 AH (1792 CE). Like all of the Islamic manuscripts preserved at Bridwell Library, this book invites closer scrutiny and further study.

Thomas J. Harrison Foundation Bequest, 1994.

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Quranic excerpts, 1792 CE