Early Sixteenth-Century Spanish Indulgences

Alexander VI (b. 1431, r. 1492–1503).
[Indulgences Promoting a Naval Expedition against the Turks, in Spanish].
Indulge[n]cia plenaria [et] remisio[n] d[e] todos los pecados p[ar]a el q[ue] diere la suma ynfra escrita [con]tra el trurco enemigo d[e] n[uest]ra s[an]ta de fatholica; Indulge[n]cia plenaria [et] remisio[n] d[e] todos los paccados p[ar]a el q[ue] diere la suma infra escrita [con]tra el turco enemigo d[e] n[uest]ra s[an]ta fe catholica.
Vallodolid, 1501.
Broadside, printed on paper. (BRF0045)

This single sheet comprises two official indulgence forms printed head to head. The text offers an indulgence for financial contributors to the naval expedition sent by Ferdinand and Isabella, King and Queen of Spain, against the Turks. Differences in spelling, spaces between the words, and layout distinguish each form, but the content of the texts is nearly identical.  In addition, each form has a circular woodcut representing the resurrection of Christ, a woodcut signature for Alonso Suárez de la Fuente del Sauce, the Bishop of the Diocese of Jaén ("A. Epus. Giennen”), and blank spaces in which the name of the purchaser and place and date of the purchase could be provided.