Early Catalogue of Heretical Books

Bernard of Luxemburg (ca. 1460–1535).
Catalogus haereticorum.
Cologne: Eucharius Cervicornus, 1522.
[Bound with:] Henry VIII, King of England (1491–1547, r.1509–1547).
Assertio septem sacramentorum adversus Martinum Lutherum.
Antwerp: Michiel Hillen van Hoochstraten, 1522.
[Bound with:] Eustache van Rivieren (1482–1538).
Errorum Martini Luther brevis confutatio, simulque cum eorum rationibus.
Antwerp: Michiel Hillen van Hoochstraten, 1522. (ACZ7178)

This catalogue of heretical writings was compiled during the first years of the Protestant Reformation by Bernard of Luxemburg, a Dominican theologian and Inquisitor of Cologne. It was among the first publications to identify the “heretical” works of Martin Luther and his followers, and in subsequent decades it served as the basis for several regionally administered lists of prohibited books as well as the first “Pauline” Index librorum prohibitorum, published for Pope Paul IV in 1559. This copy is bound with two 1522 critiques of Martin Luther, including an Antwerp edition of Henry VIII’s Assertio septem sacramentorum.

Controversies and Critiques, Polemics and Creeds
Early Catalogue of Heretical Books