Katharina von Bora, Illustrated and Annotated

Johann Hasenberg (fl. 16th century).
Ioannis Hasenbergij Bohemi, ad Luderanorum, famosum Libellum, recens Wittenbergae editum, responsio.
Leipzig: Melchior Lotter, the Elder, 1528. (BRA2052)

Johann Hasenberg, a professor at Leipzig, attacked Katharina von Bora in this publication, which he addressed directly to Martin Luther. The work concludes with two woodcut illustrations: at the left, Christ and the Virgin Mary lead pious nuns into a holy monastic house; this is contrasted at the right by Luther’s procession to the Gates of Hell with von Bora, who is dressed as a nun and surrounded by flies. Just above the couple is the printed caption “Da reyt Merthen mit seyner Kethen yns frawenzimer” (There rides Martin with his Katie into the harem) with the final words deleted with a pen; at the left margin of this page were written the words “yns frauen-haus” (into the brothel). This more scathing handwritten substitution occurs in several copies of Hasenberg’s book.

Controversies and Critiques, Polemics and Creeds
Katharina von Bora, Illustrated and Annotated