Eighteenth-Century German Illuminated Devotional Book

[Brothers Hospitallers].
Tuba Clangens Ducis Salvatoris ad Pia Exercitia.
[Bohemia, ca.1750].
Illuminated manuscript on paper. (BRMS 170)

This unusual illustrated devotional manuscript was compiled for the followers of St. John of God (1495–1550), founder of the Order of Brothers Hospitallers whose members are dedicated to serving the infirm and dying. The volume documents the devotional aspects of the Order, rather that the charitable works and operations of the organization, and includes prayers and orations to St. John of God as well as numerous Bohemian and German saints.  While manuscript devotional guides for major orders such as the Jesuits, the Franciscans, and the Dominicans are well documented, such manuscript texts for the Brothers Hospitallers are less well known.

The major portion of the volume is intended as a complete guide to daily devotion with seven sections devoted to morning prayers, Mass, Confession, Communion, worship of patron saints, evening prayers, and various prayers. The eleven watercolor illustrations include church rituals and activities, emblematic religious portrayals, a group of contemporary churchmen portrayed at the scene of Christ’s crucifixion, and Biblical scenes such as the exhibited Sacrifice of Isaac.

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Eighteenth-Century German Illuminated Devotional Book