Fifteenth-Century Italian Breviary for Benedictine Use

[Breviary. Benedictine Use].
[Padolirone, Italy, ca. 1431].
Decorated manuscript on vellum. (BRMS 21)

This breviary for Benedictine Use includes calendrical notes that point to a composition date circa 1431 and also includes an indulgence approved in 1431 by Pope Eugenius IV (1383–1447, r. 1431–1447). An early inscription places the manuscript in the Benedictine monastery of Santa Justina at Padolirone, near Padua, Italy. The manuscript also bears the painted coats of arms of Cardinal Philippe de Lévis (1435–1475) and the French clergyman, noble, and statesman Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duke of Richelieu and Fronsac (1585–1642).

The Ruth and Lyle Sellers Medical Collection

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Scripture and Worship
Fifteenth-Century Italian Breviary for Benedictine Use