Twelfth-Century Papal Bull Confirming Rights and Possessions

Alexander III (ca. 1100–1181, r. 1159–1181).
[Papal Bull, in Latin]. Quotiens illud a nobis.
Ferentino, Italy, dated 11 January 1174.
Manuscript on vellum. (BRMS 3)

This late twelfth-century papal bull by Alexander III confirmed the rights and possessions of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Pierre at Méobecq, France. The scribe set off the formal preamble in majestic elongated letters, and beneath the main text added the circular papal rota, the pope’s name, and an elaborate monogram of the papal farewell “Bene Valete.” The signatures of eleven cardinals appear in three columns below, and at the bottom is the notarization signed by Gratianus, the papal official who authenticated the bull at Ferentino, near Rome.

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Theology and Church History
Twelfth-Century Papal Bull Confirming Rights and Possessions