Crow Old Testament

[Crow Old Testament (summaries)].
History of the Old Testament.
Pryor Creek, Montana: St. Charles Mission, ca. 1892–1898.


The Crow language is a Missouri Valley Siouan language spoken almost exclusively by the Native American Crow Nation in present-day Montana. These selections from Genesis were translated into Crow by Peter Paul Prando (1845–1906), a Jesuit priest who established the St. Charles Mission in Pryor Creek, Montana in 1892. Although the mission school did not own a traditional hand press, Prando was able to reproduce texts using the gelatin-based hectographic process. Here the text in Crow is in purple-blue ink with chapter headings in both Crow and English supplied in red.  The title page bears the acronym “A.M.D.G.” at the top, for the Jesuit motto Ad maiorem Dei gloriam (“For the greater glory of God”).

Crow Old Testament