Collection of Sermons written by Albert Outler

Albert Outler the Preacher by Bob W. Parrott, 1988 (1542 .O9 A4 v.1)

(Source: Wanda W. Smith Papers,
Bridwell Library)

This published collection of sermons written by Albert Outler is the first of nine volumes in the Albert Outler Library, a series of books produced by Rev. Bob W. Parrott to honor the spiritual and intellectual legacies of his mentor and friend. The other volumes are:

Albert Outler the Churchman edited by Bob W. Parrott, 1995

Albert Outler the University Professor edited by Bob W. Parrott, 1995

Christology edited by Tom Oden, 1996

The Pastoral Psychology of Albert C. Outler edited by Leroy T. Howe, 1997 

Evangelism: Essays by Albert Cook Outler edited by William J. Abraham, 1998

The Ecumenical Theologian: Essays by Albert Cook Outler edited by Leicester R. Longden, 2001

Albert Outler, Historian and Interpreter of the Christian Tradition edited by Ted A. Campbell, 2003

Outler on the Holy Spirit: the Pneumatology of Albert Cook Outler edited by George M. Atkinson, 2004

The exhibited copy of Albert Outler the Preacher bears Outler’s hand-written inscription: “To Wanda, who will understand, best of all, how sermon MSS [manuscripts] like these got put together in a book, with fond and grateful memories and good wishes, Dr. O.” The book’s recipient, Wanda Willard Smith (1923–2013) served as faculty secretary to Albert Outler from 1963 until his retirement. In collaboration with Outler, Smith played a significant role in the Wesley Works Editorial Project. A finding aid describing Bridwell Library’s Wesley Works Editorial Project records can be accessed by clicking here.

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Collection of Sermons written by Albert Outler