Ecumenism in the 80s

Ecumenism in the 80s television program U-matic video tapes, 1980

In the summer of 1980 professor emeritus Albert Outler and Monsignor Robert Rehkemper, Vicar General of the Diocese of Dallas, filmed three television programs in which they discussed the history and future direction of the ecumenical movement. Deacon Steve Landregan (currently Director of Archives at the Catholic Diocese of Dallas) served as discussion moderator and producer of the series which included “An Ecumenical Miracle in the Making,” “An Unexpected Thing,” and “An Agenda for a Generation.”  

To view the videos:

Part 1 "An Ecumenical Miracle in the Making"
Part 2 "An Unexpected Thing"
Part 3 "An Agenda for a Generation"

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Ecumenism in the 80s