Diploma, Doctor of Humane Letters

Diploma, Doctor of Humane Letters, Southern Methodist University, May 1986 

In the spring of 1986, SMU honored Outler by conferring a Doctor of Humane Letters degree. This was the last of the thirteen honorary degrees awarded to Dr. Outler. His previous honors were:

1952 Doctor of Divinity, Wofford College

1962 Doctor of Divinity, Kalamazoo College

1964 Doctor of Humane Letters, Lycoming College

1966 Doctor of Laws, Notre Dame University

1967 Doctor of Sacred Theology, General Theological Seminary

1967 Doctor of Humane Letters, Ohio Wesleyan University

1968 Doctor of Letters, Emory University

1974 Doctor of Humane Letters, Duke University

1975 Doctor of Letters, Southwestern University

1978 Doctor of Humane Letters, Loyola University

1979 Doctor of Humane Letters, Catholic University of America

1984 Doctor of Science, Texas Wesleyan University

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