"Die Deutsche Theologie"

Die Deutsche Theologie, ein Edles Büchlein vom Rechten Verstande.
Erlangen: Palms̓chen Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1827.


The medieval tract Die Deutsche Theologie (“The German Theology”) is a work describing an anonymous author’s mystical experiences in dialogue form. This tract so influenced the spirituality of Martin Luther (1483–1546) that he wrote an introduction to the text in 1520 and paid to have the volume published. Johann Arndt (1555–1621), another key figure in what would become the Pietist movement, also wrote an introduction to Die Deutsche Theologie and republished the work in 1605. This German printing from 1827 includes both introductions and demonstrates continuing interest in the text nearly three centuries following its initial publication.

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Pietism's Predecessors
"Die Deutsche Theologie"