The Doves Press Bible

The English Bible Containing the Old Testament & the New. 5 vols.
London: Doves Press, 1903–05. (Prothro B-11)

The Doves Press, founded in 1900 by Emery Walker (1851–1933) and Thomas J. Cobden-Sanderson (1840–1922), was a leading producer of “fine press” books. Conceived as a revival of the craftsmanship of the pre-industrial age, the Doves Press Bible is considered the firm’s finest publication, combining exquisite typography, clarity of design, and numerous hand-lettered initials. The Bible was published one volume at a time for subscribers who paid in advance and committed to the purchase of all five volumes. This copy was bound in gold-tooled calfskin by the Doves Bindery.

Twentieth-Century Limited Editions
The Doves Press Bible