New Testament in Twelve Languages

Novum Testamentum Domini: nostri: Iesu. Christi. Syriacè, Ebraicè, Graecè, Latinè, Germanicè, Bohemicè, Italicè, Hispanicè, Gallicè, Anglicè, Danicè, Polonicè.
2 vols. Edited by Elias Hutter and Jacob Coler.
Nuremberg: [s.n.], 1599–1600. (Prothro B-394)

Elias Hutter (1554–1602), a professor of Hebrew in Leipzig, compiled this remarkable polyglot New Testament in twelve languages, including the original Greek, St. Jerome’s Latin, eight Protestant versions in European languages, his own Hebrew translation, and his Syriac translation of several books of the Bible not found in the Syriac canon. The first polyglot Bible to include an English translation, Hutter’s edition was intended to provide Christian scholars with the means to better understand Hebrew.

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New Testament in Twelve Languages