Hippocrates (460–ca. 370 BCE).
Opera quae apud nos extant omnia.

Leiden: Antoine Vincent, bookseller, 1553; Pierre Fradin, printer, 1555. (BRC0002)

Hippocrates, a physician in Greece during the classical period, is often considered the founder of Western medicine.  The corpus of his writing, however, is not all positively attributed to him, but rather to a wider circle of fellow practitioners and followers. Hippocratic texts were first printed in Europe in the 1480s and authoritative editions of the author’s works were published in Latin at Rome in 1525 and in Greek at Venice in 1526.  Numerous editions of the works, as well as separate Hippocratic texts, followed. This mid-sixteenth century Latin edition, translated by Janus Cornarius (1500–1558) was printed in Leiden.

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History of Medicine