Mohammed Rhasis

Mohammed Rhasis (ca. 850–ca. 925).
Liber nonus ad Almansorem (cum expositione Silani de Nigris).

With: Petrus de Tussignano.
Receptae super nonum ad Almansorem.
Venice: Bonetus Locatellus, for Octavianus Scotus, 10 April 1490. (06810)

The Persian Mohammed al-Razi (Rhasis) was considered one of the great early physicians of the Islamic world, and he had widespread influence upon late medieval European medicine as well. This ninth volume of the set of ten medical textbooks he dedicated to the prince Almansor provides descriptions and treatments for a wide range of physical ailments, including epileptic seizures, gall stones, ulcers, and toothaches. In this early edition the words of Rhasis (labeled “Almansor” in honor of the dedicatee) appear in larger type, followed by the commentary of Silanus de Nigris following in smaller type.

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History of Medicine
Mohammed Rhasis