Arnoldus de Villa Nova

(Pseudo-) Arnoldus de Villa Nova.
Regimen sanitatis Salernitanum. With commentary.

With: Arnoldus de Villa Nova (ca. 1240–1311).
Regimen sanitatis ad regem Aragonum.
Louvain: Johannes de Westfalia, between 1477 and 1483. (06803)

Originally assembled at the medical school in Salerno, the Regimen sanitatis Salernitanum was a popular late-medieval medical compilation with accompanying commentary. The Sellers collection includes two editions printed before 1500. The text is often mistakenly ascribed to Arnoldus de Villa Nova because of his association with a distinct version prepared for the King of Aragon. Both texts are included in this Louvain edition printed between 1477 and 1483.

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History of Medicine
Arnoldus de Villa Nova