Song of Songs

Bible. Song of Songs.
Dat ander stuc van den exposicien op Canticum Canticorum.
Low Countries (Netherlands?), late fifteenth century.
Illuminated manuscript on paper, with commentaries. (BRMS 20)

This volume, written in old Dutch on paper rather than vellum, comprises short passages of the Canticum Canticorum (Song of Songs) followed by allegorical explications from the writings of St. Paul, St. Gregory the Great, St. Bonaventure, and Gilbert of Hoyland, a twelfth-century English Cistercian who wrote forty-eight homilies on the text. The manuscript begins with a red and blue initial with a decorative border on the first page, and is written in a gothic batarde script with brown ink and highlighted with red initials throughout. The final portion of the text is lacking.

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Scripture and Worship
Song of Songs