Printed Broadside

Sixtus IV, Pope (1414–1484).
[Papal bull]. Salvator noster.
[Augsburg: Hermann Kästlin, after 9 February 1479]. (06651)

This early printed papal bull announced that indulgences would be granted to penitent Christians who made donations to benefit the church of St. George and Mary Magdalen in Nördlingen, Germany. Although the bull lacks the signatures of the pope and cardinals, it contains many of the essential formulas of the exhibited bull of 1174, including the handwritten signature of the notary, Jodocus Pflantzman, in the last line. His notarization verified that this printed version accords precisely with the official manuscript copies, promulgated at Rome on February 9, 1479. The broadside demonstrates the effectiveness of the printing press for the rapid production of identical, authenticated copies of important texts.

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Printed Broadside