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St. Gregory the Great (ca. 540–604). 
Sancti Gregorii magni: ecclesie doctoris precipui Opera: olim diversis tomis dispersa: nunc vero beneficio magistri Bertholdi Rembolt in unum sunt volumen redacta. 

Paris: Berthold Rembolt, for Jean Petit, 1518. (BRB1614)

The extended Latin title of the first collected edition of St. Gregory’s Opera may be translated “The Principal Works of Saint Gregory the Great, Doctor of the Church, formerly dispersed in individual volumes, but now combined into a single volume by Bertold Rembolt for the true benefit of scholars.” To ensure that the prospective buyer recognized the unprecedented value of this collected edition, the title page also provided a table of contents that listed the eight essential works included within the volume:

  1. Liber Moralia in Job (Moral reflections on Job)
  2. Liber Pastoralis cure (On Pastoral Care)
  3. Dialogus de vita et miraculis patrum (Dialogues on the Lives of Saints)
  4. Expositio super Cantica Canticorum (On the Song of Songs)
  5. Homelie XII super Ezechielem (Twelve Sermons on Ezekiel)
  6. Liber XL homiliarum […] evangelii (Forty Sermons on the Gospels)
  7. Expositio in septem psalmos penitentiales (Sermons on the Penitential Psalms)
  8. Liber epistolarium (Papal letters)
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