Twelve Episodes in One Illustration

[Geronimo Nadal (1507–1580)]. 
Imagines sanctorum evangelistarum aeri incisae
Augsburg: [ s.n.], 1629. (BRB1545)

First published in Antwerp in 1593, this book comprises a series of 153 engravings depicting the Life of Christ by Hieronymus Wiericx (1553–1619) and others. Each illustration combines multiple scenes and features an alphabetical sequence of letters keyed to explanations in Latin printed below the image. In the exhibited illustration, the arrested Jesus Christ has been led to the house of the high priest Caiaphas for questioning (Matthew 27:57). The legend below outlines the twelve scenes shown within the image:

A. Caiaphas accuses Jesus of saying he is the Son of God.
B. Jesus replies that the Son of Man will be seated at the right hand of God.
C. Caiaphas tears his robes, saying "He has blasphemed!"
D. The soldiers cover Jesus with cloth and strike him.
E. Outside (at the left), Peter denies that he knows Jesus.
F. Peter again denies that he knows Jesus.
G. Another accuser, Malchus, recognizes Peter.
H. Peter denies that he knows Jesus for the third time.
I. The cock crows, as Jesus had predicted.
B. Jesus turns and looks at Peter.
K. In the background (at the left), Peter goes out and weeps.
L. The roost of the cock that crowed.
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Twelve Episodes in One Illustration