Gérard-Jean-Baptiste Scotin (1671–1716) and Jean Desmarest (18th century). 
[Paris: Lenoir-Pillot, published from earlier plates, ca. 1815]. (BRB0914)

This folding triptych, known as a cartagloria, bears the essential texts of the Latin Mass that a priest needed to have visible during the Eucharistic ceremony: the Gloria, the Apostles’ Creed, the words of Consecration (Hoc est corpus meum, “This is my body”), and Offertory prayers. The exhibited cartagloria consists of three large hand-colored engravings mounted on a folding cardboard triptych. Complementing the central images of Christ on the Cross and the Last Supper, the principal illustrations in the side panels are prefigurations of the Eucharist: Melchizedek offering bread and wine in the blessing of Abraham (top left); the Gathering of the Manna (bottom left); the Sacrifice of Isaac (top right); and the Feeding of the Five Thousand (bottom right).

View a video of the cartagloria.

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