Scrolling through Sacred History

Levi W. Yaggy. 
The Royal Scroll. A Complete Panorama and Unfolding of Sacred History
Cleveland: Thomas J. Caie, 1921. (BRB1459)

To use The Royal Scroll the reader opens the large flat folding box, lifts the printed title overlay, inserts the brass lever into an opening at the bottom right-hand side, and begins to turn the lever in a clockwise direction. This activates an internal mechanism that rotates the illustrated scroll that is visible in the large upper window of the box, displaying a moving series of color-printed illustrations called “An Illuminated Life of Christ Chronologically Arranged. Masterpiece Paintings by the World’s Great Artists.” When the entire scroll has been displayed, the lower flap can be raised and the lever can be turned in the opposite direction. This lower window then displays a scrolling series of illustrations from Genesis to Revelation. When this second series comes to an end, the first series has been rewound to its beginning.

The accompanying printed booklet, mounted on an extending stand, contains directions for use, maps of the Holy Land, and two instructional texts: “Pen Pictures from Genesis to Revelation,” describing the displayed images, and “Biblical Study in Topical Form: Who, When, Where, What, Why of Scripture.” The exhibited Royal Scroll, preserved in fully functional condition, attests to a longstanding effort to provide engaging Christian instruction through unusual reading formats and interactive multimedia presentations.

View a video of The Royal Scroll in motion.

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Scrolling through Sacred History