Levi A. Olan and Kate Warnick, February 9, 1972

These photographs were taken during a Minister’s Week luncheon honoring Kate Warnick. Warnick served as Librarian of the SMU School of Theology (today’s Perkins School of Theology) beginning in 1924. She retired as Reference and Methodist Historical Librarian at Bridwell Library in 1979. From 1951 until 1978 Rabbi Olan also had an office in Bridwell Library. The affection between these two long-term colleagues is quite evident in the photographs.

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Photograph of Levi A. Olan and Kate Warnick seated, February 9, 1972


Photograph of Kate Warnick receiving a blessing from Rabbi Levi A. Olan, February 9, 1972

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Levi A. Olan and Kate Warnick, February 9, 1972