The Psalms by Mason Hill Press

The Psalms.
Pownal, Vermont: Mason Hill Press, 1978.

Wood-engraved initials by Mark Livingston – Presswork by James M. Dignon, Mark Livingston, Billy Hardison, and Nelson E. Ogert – Binding by Helen Warren DeGolyer

For its book of Psalms, Mason Hill Press opted to modernize the spelling of text selected from the King James translation of 1611. For versification they referred to the Hebrew text of the 1950 edition of the Biblia Hebraica edited by Rudolph Kittel. The edition was limited to one hundred seventy-five copies. Helen Warren DeGolyer bound this copy in blind-stamped orange oasis morocco leather with doublures in brown morocco.

The Old Testament - The Psalms
The Psalms by Mason Hill Press