Wood Engraved Illustrations of Revelation

The Revelation of Saint John the Divine.
Montgomeryshire, Wales: The Gregynog Press, 1932.

Book design and wood engravings by Blair Hughes-Stanton – Typesetting by John Hugh Jones – Pressman: Herbert John Hodgson – Printed by William MacCance

Blair Hughes-Stanton was a recognized wood engraver whose illustrations can be seen in the publications of several other presses in this exhibition. In this 1932 edition from the Gregynog Press, Hughes-Stanton expressively portrays the evocative, symbolic imagery of the text. He further directed the overall design of the publication, complementing his images with striking typography set in black and Tyrian-red lettering. He set the text of chapter eighteen in stanzas according to the layout of the Doves Press Bible, having been granted special permission by Emery Walker. Printed in an edition of two hundred fifty copies, this is number 156.

The New Testament - The Book of Revelation
Wood Engraved Illustrations of Revelation