Susan Allix and the Willow Press

The Song of Solomon.
London: Willow Press, 1977.

Illustrations, typography, printing, and binding by Susan Allix

Willow Press is the imprint of the artist Susan Allix (born 1943) whose vision articulates the idea that books present a medium for creative expression. Allix is solely responsible for the design, illustration, typesetting, engraving, printing, and binding of her works. Reflecting this holistic vision, Allix writes that The Song of Solomon “has provided the original inspiration for a series of etchings which are interwoven with the typography in such a way that the elements complement each other and present a unified interpretation of the poem.”

The illustrations here are etchings and aquatints. The handset Monotype Bembo Italic type is printed on BFK Rives Velin Cuve paper. The edition size of fifty copies is typical of Allix’s work and reflects a considered balance of resources in a press whose entire output relies on the talent and craft of a solitary artist. Individual copies were bound in Oasis Niger goatskin of either blue, green, or grey and further decorated with a floral design composed of multicolored on-lays and tooling, both blind and gilt. This copy, number 10 of the edition, is bound in green.

The Old Testament - The Song of Songs
Susan Allix and the Willow Press