The Illustrations of Edward Wolfe

Song of Songs.
Charlbury, Oxfordshire, England: Senecio Press; Andoversford, Glouchestershire, England: Whittington Press, 1980.
(29630 Oversize)

Illustrations by Edward Wolfe

Twelve large paper folios with letterpress text printed in Caslon type by John and Rosalind Randal at the Whittington Press frame Edward Wolfe’s (1897–1982) illustrations for the Song of Songs. Adrian Lack at the Senecio Press printed the images by means of offset lithography in four colors on aluminum-lined paper, thereby giving the images a distinctive sheen. The text was edited by James O’Connor. The set is housed in a gilt tooled box by Weatherby Woolnough. This limited edition of two hundred fifty, with an additional twenty-five hors commerce, followed another edition of the Song of Songs published by Whittington Press in 1976, which also featured illustrations by Wolfe. This copy is number 145. Each of the twelve folios is signed and numbered by the artist.

The Old Testament - The Song of Songs
The Illustrations of Edward Wolfe