Missa Gothica

[Missal. Mozarabic Use, in Latin].
Missa Gothica seú Mozarabica.
Angelopoli [i.e. Puebla, Mexico]: Typis Seminarii Palafoxiani, 1770. (22769)

Representing the highpoint of colonial Mexican book production and engraving, the Missa Gothica published in Puebla in 1770 includes a title page printed in red and black, printed music, and finely executed engravings. The Mozarabic rite of the Mass was used by the Visigothic and Mozarabic Christians of medieval Spain until it was supplanted in the eleventh century by the Roman liturgy. It was authorized again in 1500, but only for use in specific churches in Toledo. Although printed in New Spain, this version of the liturgy was not authorized for use in the New World.

Missa Gothica