Commentary on Synoptic Gospels

[Bible. New Testament. Gospels. Latin. Harmonies].
Harmonia ex tribus euangelistis composita, Matthæo, Marco et Luca : adiu[n]cto seorsum Iohan[n]ne, quòd pauca cum aliis communia habeat cum Iohannis Calvini commentariis.
[Geneva]:  Robert Estienne, 1560. (AEQ3262)

First published in separate Latin and French editions in 1555, Calvin’s commentary on the Synoptic Gospels was based on the sequence in Matthew but with reference to Mark and Luke.  This framework follows Martin Bucer’s 1527 commentary on these texts.  In his introduction, Calvin wrote that none of the three Synoptic Gospels can be understood without reference to the other two.  In order to assist the reader in comparing the various texts without maneuvering back and forth to different sections of the volume, specific portions of the three Gospels are printed side by side.  As exhibited here, with this format the reader could readily observe where the texts overlap and when the Gospels are and are not in agreement.

Commentary on Synoptic Gospels