Avenzohar (1091–1161). Liber teisir, sive Rectificatio medicationis et regiminis. Antidotarium. [With:] Averroës (1124–1198). Colliget. Edited by Hieronymus Surianus.
Venice: Otinus de Luna, Papiensis, 23 December 1497. (06802)

A native of Seville, Avenzohar was the leading medical doctor in Islamic Spain. His most famous work, the Teisir, describes preparations for medicines and diets, provides clinical descriptions of numerous diseases, and discusses surgical procedures such as the tracheotomy. Although the original Arabic version of Avenzohar’s text was lost, its contents survived into the fifteenth century by means of Hebrew and Latin translations.

The second work included in this Venetian imprint of 1497 is the Colliget, or “general rules of medicine” by Averroës, the great physician and Islamic philosopher of Córdoba. Although his works attempted to reconcile science and religion, his Christian followers allowed that the two fields were separated by irreconcilable “truths.”

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