Judy Sgantas

Stowe, Vermont 
Judy Sgantas is an artist concentrating in oils, pencil, color pencil, and ink. The Renaissance period is of particular interest to her, specifically the relationships between the arts and the sciences.

Example Binding: 
[A bound volume with blank pages serving as a model of the design proposal].

The structure that I have chosen to use is the French bookbinder Benjamin Elbel’s dos rapporté. The volume lies open nicely and is a sturdy structure for a reference book that would be used regularly.  The design is on Strathmore 80-pound acid-free wove paper, inside board in binders’ cloth for additional protection. The flysheets are handmade marbled paper. The paper on the inside of the spine with information regarding Mr. Middleton is also on acid-free Strathmore paper. The eight signatures would be sewn in the link-stitch on the ends with cord stitching and covered with a mull for added protection and strength.

Design Description: 
This proposed design for Bernard Middleton’s text was inspired first by reading his book as a bookmaker/artist and second as one who is constantly exploring and studying different structures, old and new.  The idea of illustrating the cover came as part of the design process.  I sketch out the initial thoughts before executing the design and the time it takes to draw represents the nurturing of that thought.  As a former graphic designer I love to hide things, sometimes items of great importance:  there is always more to be found if one is willing to look and dig.


Judy Sgantas example binding


Judy Sgantas design proposal

Judy Sgantas