Lang Ingalls

Crested Butte, Colorado
Lang Ingalls initiated her bookbinding studies with instruction from Eleanore Ramsey in San Francisco and Edwin Heim at the Centro del bel Libro Ascona in Switzerland. She graduated in 2007 with a degree in Fine Binding from the American Academy of Bookbinding, where her instructors included Tini Miura, Monique Lallier, Don Glaister, Hélène Jolis, Don Etherington, and Gabrielle Fox. In recent years Ingalls has explored new structures and approaches to design and techniques through her studies with Ana Ruiz-Larrea in Paris. She presently works out of her atelier in Crested Butte, making fine bindings year-round. Her work is exhibited regularly in the United States and abroad and is found in public and private collections.

Example Binding: 
Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam. 
Collected Proverbs of Erasmus
Austin: Press Intermezzo, 1999.
Translated by R.A.B. Mynors.

Bound in limp vellum with natural goat parchment and parchment strap closures. Design elements include handmade leather endbands and natural edges. Unsigned. Bound in 2008.

Design Description:
To be bound in a limp vellum structure. Endsheets of red Canson Mi-Teintes with endbands in red to match. Hand titled on the spine in gold. The proposal is an intentional mix of a traditional binding technique (limp vellum structure) and a contemporary design. Crosses are partially sanded through the vellum cover, gold is adhered to the carry card underneath, giving a breath of brilliance shining through. The Apocrypha is stated as meaning “hidden things” which is the main inspiration of the design. The endbands will also be in red, to bring continuity through the endsheets and throughout the text, with its red initial letters.

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Lang Ingalls example binding

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Lang Ingalls design proposal

Lang Ingalls