Gutenberg Bible, vellum leaf

[LATIN BIBLE (the “Gutenberg Bible”)].
Single leaf, printed on vellum.
[Mainz: Johannes Gutenberg and Johann Fust, c. 1455]. (Prothro B-51)

Whereas the Gutenberg Bible survives in 48 substantially intact copies, fragments from at least fifteen “lost” copies also survive. Recent research has shown that this vellum leaf belonged to a Gutenberg Bible that is also represented by single leaves preserved at the St. Louis Art Museum, the Landesbibliothek in Coburg, Germany, and the Landesarchiv in Karlsruhe, Germany. All four of these leaves were retrieved from bookbindings of the Reformation period, in which they were used as liners or covers. Bridwell Library’s leaf includes the text of Genesis 46:12–48:7, which was rubricated in red and blue ink (the blue of the initial H has faded).

The Elizabeth Perkins Prothro Bible Collection

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Beginnings in Mainz
Gutenberg Bible (vellum leaf)