Biblia Latina, 1462, vol. 2

[BIBLIA LATINA]. Vol. 2, printed on vellum.
Mainz: Johann Fust and Peter Schoeffer, 14 August 1462. (06120)

Bridwell Library’s two volumes of the 1462 Bible constitute a mixed set. While the first volume in a modern binding comes from the collection of Lucius Wilmerding, the second volume is bound in sixteenth-century pigskin and bears the inscriptions “Balthasar de Batthyany” and “Conventus Nemetujvariensis 1661.” These indicate the ownership of the sixteenth-century count whose dynastic territory included the Franciscan convent at Németújvár (Güssing), Hungary, which still owns much of the Batthyany family library.

Bridwell Library also possesses both volumes of Schoeffer’s second Latin Bible, reprinted from the present edition in 1472.

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Early Masterpieces
Biblia Latina, 1462, vol. 2