Coronatio 1486

Maximilian, I, Holy Roman Emperor (1459–1519).
Coronatio Maximiliani.
[Mainz: Peter Schoeffer, after 27 April 1486]. (07024)

To Schoeffer fell the honor of printing the official publication announcing the coronation of Maximilian I as the Holy Roman Emperor at Aachen on 9 April 1486. The Latin text describes the event’s protocols and participants in detail. Needing a large and handsome font for the title page – a major innovation that Fust and Schoeffer had introduced in a papl pamphlet of 1463 – Schoeffer chose to use Gutenberg’s 42-line Bible type, by then more than three decades old. He used this type for the last time in the Missale Moguntinum (for use in Mainz) in 1493.

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Peter Schoeffer: Alone
Coronatio 1486