Sherry Barber

Dallas, Texas 
Barber was introduced to bookbinding in 2000 through the craft world. She has taken classes taught by Pamela Leutz, David Lawrence, Sally Key, and Catherine Burkhard, and has participated in workshops presented by Jan Sobota, Monique Lallier, and Priscilla Spitler. Barber has attended the last four Guild of Book Workers Standards meetings.

Example Binding: 
Gospels and Act: The Saint John’s Bible
Handwritten and illuminated by Donald Jackson.
Collegeville, Minnesota: Liturgical Press, Saint John’s Abbey, 2005.

Full blue goatskin over laced on boards. End papers and doublures of Japanese chiyogami. Hand-sewn silk headbands. Leather onlay, hand tooled verses with India ink, acrylic paints and gold foil stamping. The design represents God’s word from creation to our specific instruction.

Design Description: 
Full leather, English style binding over laced-on boards in beige Harmatan Goatskin. End sheets would be hand-marbled paper with a leather doublure. Hand-sewn silk headbands in beige, brown and green to match the leather and end sheets. The cover would be tooled in a labyrinth pattern representative of the story lines followed in many of Borges’ stories. To read Ficciones is to enter the labyrinth of his mind. The title would be tooled inside the labyrinth, reading left to right on the front cover and reversed on the back.

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Sherry Barber example binding

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Sherry Barber design proposal

Sherry Barber