Wilfredo A. Geigel

Santurce, Puerto Rico 
A trial lawyer by profession, Geigel took up bookbinding as a serious hobby seven years ago, taking classes in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Shortly after, he joined the Guild of Book Workers, discovering the American Academy of Bookbinding in Telluride, Colorado, and enrolled in the diploma program in fine bookbinding, studying under Frank Mowery, Eleanor Ramsey, Tini Miura, and Monique Lallier. Geigel also studied under Edwin Heym at the Centro del bel Ubro in Aseona, Switzerland, and pursued courses in book conservation with Don Etherington. Geigel has written and lectured on the art of bookbinding.

Example Binding: 
Emilio Brugalla. 
Tres ensayos sobre el arte de la encuadernacion
Madrid: Ollero & Ramos, Editores, 2000.

Full leather binding in the French technique with three strips of onlaid leather in different colors and lengths and an inlaid disc of lapis lazuli on the upper right corner of the front cover. Edge-to-edge grey leather doublures with the first and last flyleaf in a red moiré cloth. Sewn headbands in three color silk threads and the top edge finished in grafitti with tooled disc painted red. Author’s name, Brugalla, gold tooled on the spine.

Design Description: 
Full leather binding in the French technique, with a leather onlay extending from the top corner of the rear cover over the spine and widening towards the top corner of the front cover. The inside covers would be finished in a grey leather edge-to-edge doublure and the first and last flyleaf in grey moiré cloth. The headbands would be sewn on with three-color silk threads and the top edge finished in graffiti. “Borges” would be tooled on the spine and Ficciones on the white leather onlay in individual letters in ascending sizes.

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Wilfredo A. Geigel example binding

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Wilfredo A. Geigel design proposal

Wilfredo A. Geigel