Elisabeth Senault

Heures nouvelles dédiées à Monseigneur Dauphin, écrites and gravées par Elisabeth Senault.
Paris: Claude de Hansy, [ca. 1690]. (BRA0862)

Elisabeth Senault (active ca. 1690) was trained as a calligrapher and engraver by her father, Louis Senault, a leading French writing master and engraver. After his death circa 1685, she produced several editions of private prayer books for the French royal court. These were printed entirely with engraved plates in an attempt to mirror the rich ornamentation of illuminated manuscript prayer books. The exhibited Heures nouvelles was fashioned as an abbreviated “Book of Hours” with additional private prayers for various occasions, such as before and after confession. This and several similar editions were dedicated to Louis, le grand Dauphin, 20th Dauphin of France (1661–1711).

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