Three-volume History of the Clergy

Filippo Buonanni (1638–1725), Pierre Helyot (1660–1716), Adriaan Schoonebeek (1657 or 1658–1705), and Jean Hermant (1650–1725).
Histoire du clergé seculier el regulier: des congregations de chanoines & de clercs, & des ordres religieux de l'un & de l'autre sexe, qui ont été établis jusques à present.
Amsterdam: Chez Pierre Brunel, 1716. Volume one of four.

This illustrated account of the clergy published in four volumes compiles information previously published in France, Italy, and the Netherlands in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. The work details the histories and practices of numerous male and female Christian orders of the Western and Eastern churches while accompanying images show their characteristic vestments. The establishment of the clergy is illustrated with a scene of Jesus calling the apostles to discipleship.

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Ritual and Church History
Three-volume History of the Clergy