Patty A. Bruce

Dallas, Texas 
Patty A. Bruce embraced the art form of bookbinding in 2000. She has taken classes at the Craft Guild of Dallas and received individual instruction from Pam Leutz and Jan Sabota. Bruce's art background includes a degree in graphic design, and eight years of metalsmithing.

Example Binding: 
Robin S. Oggins. 
Castles and Fortresses. 

New York: Metrobooks, 1995.

A combination of a variety of three-dimensional materials to create an artist binding that is sculptural in nature.

Design Description: 
Bruce's original proposal included a traditional cover with wooden logs and water. After working on the original design, she decided that a modern cover, vivid in color, with leather and type over copper plates, would carry the text into the twenty-first century. The proposed binding will be  leather bound with inset distressed copper circles, and the endsheets will be a bright color to match one of the leather circles. The color of the endsheet is to be determined after selecting leather and matching current dye lots, so as to match one of the leather circles of the cover.

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Patty A. Bruce example binding

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Patty A. Bruce design proposal

Patty A. Bruce