David John Lawrence

Dallas, Texas 
David John Lawrence has studied bookbinding at the Craft Guild of Dallas with Pamela Train Leutz and Sally Key since 1998, and at Umelecke kniharstvi u Sobotu in 2002. His affiliations include the Guild of Book Workers, the Society of Bookbinders (UK), and Spolecenstva ceskych kniharu (Czech Republic). Lawrence's work was recognized by a Society of Bookbinders award in 2001.

Example Binding: 
Loti Pierre. 
Pecheur d'Islande
Chambon-sur-Lignon, France: Jean-François Manier for Biennales de reliure d’art, 2000.

Split board binding of black and grey goatskin with silver goatskin onlay over shaped boards & spine; agate slice set into front board; lap-link sewing over tapes; silver & bronze goatskin headbands; and marbled paper by Catherine Levine.

Design Description: 
The binding will consist of split board binding of Sokoto native-tanned goatskin over shaped boards and spine; lap-link sewing over tapes utilizing existing sewing stations; reverse-bead primary headbands of linen, secondary decorative embroidery in three colors of silk; marbled paper by Darrell Madis; and a protective clamshell box. Ripples of water leave a patterned proof in passing. Just as the river influenced Twain, his characters, and the very land through which it flowed, so Twain's writing shapes the thought and perception of his readers.

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David John Lawrence example binding

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David John Lawrence design proposal

David John Lawrence